Ardakh Nurgaz. Қазақстан үшін үшінші жол жоқ!

Зайырлы, демократиялы елде билік пен қоғамның арасындағы саяси......

E.Bolatkhan. Тоқаев сабақ алды ма, немесе қазақ неге радикалданды?

Алматыда 5 қаңтарда басталған қантөгіс оқиғаның соңғы нәтижесінен байқайтынымыз,...

Bayan Ardakh: Why is Kremlin’s politics getting so savage...?

Recently, there have been some uncertainties in Russia's position towards Kazakhstan....

Bayan Ardakh. The collapse of the international order or a different fate of Kazakstan and Ukraine?

(The photo was taken from the internet)In 2015, when the Russian army, led by President Vladimir Putin, seized Crimea from Ukraine, there was an inexplicable mo...

Bayan Ardakh: Kazakhstani corruption

There is a notion in the minds of people who were brought up in Soviet society....

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Ardakh Nurgaz. Egg

Ardakh Nurgaz. Egg

Back home from the streetMy kid welcomes me at the doorThe world is a round eggA friend once told meA crowd of people suddenly emerges on the streetForcibly res